PASS BA Analytics Conference for 2015

I'm always telling people that the thing I love about BI projects is that they tend to appeal to the people who pay the bills. This is a good place to be doing project work.

When I look at large companies like Amazon, I can imagine that the people who do the IT work that relates to order processing, invoicing, shipping, etc. do a great job. But I'll bet that their life is full of budget cutbacks, headcounts, increased pressure to improve productivity, etc. By comparison, I'll bet the projects that fund parts of their site that make recommendations for possible purchases, etc. are funded at an entirely different level. And that's because these projects can more directly impact the profitability of the organization, and do so in a more visible way.

When you stop and look at your career, you might want to consider whether you should be trying to move up the value stack within your organization.

A great place to get ideas on this would be to attend the PASS BA Analytics Conference. This relatively new conference has a very different focus to the "standard" PASS summit. If analytics interests you at all, this would be the place to be in April:

And if you provide the registration code UKBA05, you'll get a $150 discount as well.

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