Telerik Dineissimo Sample App–Interesting Marketing Approach

I've liked the Telerik tools for a long time. I see many of my clients using either their controls for Webforms, and many using KendoUI for newer MVC development. I suppose it's a challenge for such vendors to work out how to best market their products, but also a challenge to show developers how to best use them.

With KendoUI, I particularly liked the Kendo Dojo idea, where you could just interactively learn to use the framework directly from inside your own browser without having to install anything locally.

Today, I've noticed they released a sample application called Dineissimo but what caught my eye was the marketing approach. Basically, you need to visit: and download the app. You then need to find a particular part of the code, then run the program and use a QR (quick response) code to get things going. Finally, in the app, they get you to edit your profile and add a selfie or other image before sending off the details. And for a bunch of early takers, they'll send an Amazon gift card. There's a walk-through here:

I like the fact that they are releasing a bunch of source code to show how to use their product but it's the marketing approach that interests me. It combines getting genuine interest in the product, making sure it's actually seen, then getting the user further involved.

Nice job Telerik.

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