DAX Studio 2.0 is out the door

Learning to write DAX queries is important in the new world of tabular data models. DAX Studio is the best environment right now for learning to write and test DAX queries.

Today Darren Gosbell announced on his blog that version 2.0 of DAX Studio is out the door. This is a superb effort and one that you should both applaud and use.

The biggest improvements seem to be around the UI. It looks very impressive but there is much more to it than just the UI.


DAX Studio can be run standalone (as an exe) or as a ribbon within Excel. Nice!

If you need to develop and/or run DAX queries, this is now a far superior option than creating them in SQL Server Management Studio.

Go and download it now from here: http://daxstudio.codeplex.com/

And also go back to Darren's blog and leave a note thanking him for the early Christmas present !

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