BI Project Templates for Visual Studio 2013 are also now available

One quiet addition to the tools that have been released recently was the set of project templates for creating BI projects (Integration Services, Analysis Services, Reporting Services) within Visual Studio 2013.

It is really great to be able to use the same version of these as we are using for other code development in Visual Studio.

Thanks to the team for updating them so quickly!

You’ll find them here:

SDU Show #62: Paul Larson – SQL Server 2014 Underlying Technologies

I had the distinct honour (honor) this week of recording a new SQL Down Under podcast with Paul Larson.


Paul is a principal researcher at Microsoft and is one of the keen minds involved in the technologies behind the in-memory tables (Hekaton) and clustered columnstore indexes in SQL Server 2014.


In this podcast, Paul explains his role, and discusses how these core enhancements in SQL Server 2014 have been implemented.


You'll find it here: