Latest Azure updates related to SQL (and Oracle)

Azure updates continue to come thick and fast.

Scott Guthrie has posted again today about a number of enhancements just released. From these, I think the following are the most interesting for SQL Server devotees:

1. I posted last week about the new A5 size Azure VMs. These will be a good option for many SQL VMs, particularly those based on tabular data models.

2. Microsoft continues their partnership with Oracle by providing VM templates with Oracle software preinstalled. This is by far the quickest way to try any of this software, particularly for SQL Server folk that just want to try something on Oracle versions. Versions supported are:

  • Weblogic Server 12c and 11g
  • Database 12c and 11g
  • Java Platform Standard Edition 6

3. You can now also modify VMs that are stopped, for operations like adding disks.

4. A single Azure subscription can now deal with multiple Active Directories. This is really helpful if you need to extend your on-premises AD to the cloud, particularly if you're starting to investigate the hybrid SQL Server scenarios such as using Azure for a DR site with Availability Group replicas.

5. Subscription suspension no longer deletes virtual machines either.

This is another great set of updates. I'm truly impressed by the speed that these are appearing at.


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