Two New Course Offerings – (Sydney) Query Performance Tuning and Advanced T-SQL (Melbourne) SQL Admin

I'm really pleased to see the number of courses that we're offering is increasing.

By popular demand, we've extended our Query Performance Tuning and Advanced T-SQL class to Sydney. Previously, we've only been running this course in Melbourne but demand in Sydney for it has continued to grow. For those that might like a Sydney-based offering, you'll find details here now: (Also, as usual, we have several ways to attend the class. The first two days on query performance tuning, and the last three days on Advanced T-SQL are also available as standalone courses).

In addition, we've had so many requests for a straightforward SQL Server administration class. In many cases, potential attendees are keen to prepare for Microsoft's 70-462 exam. We've now created a suitable course. We have focussed on practical knowledge that is useful to anyone that needs to administer a SQL Server system. Many administrators fit into the "accidental DBA" category. If you are in that category or if you are an existing developer or DBA that wants to refresh your skills, we'd love to see you attend. If you are keen to try to get certified, we think it now provides the best coverage of topics for that exam, when compared to any other 5 day course on the market. The first offering will be in Melbourne starting 15th July. Details are here:

A strength of all our current courses is that we understand that not everyone is yet on SQL Server 2012 and that many students work in environments that have more than one version of SQL Server being used. While the courses are based on 2012, they are suitable for those working with SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, or SQL Server 2008 R2. We'll carefully point out the differences during the courses.

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