SQL Down Under Podcast – Gadi Peleg – Data Quality Services

Well it's been a few months but I'm back on a roll creating some SQL Down Under podcasts. The first out the door is an interview with Gadi Peleg from the SQL Server team, introducing Data Quality Services.

Gadi came to Microsoft when Zoomix was acquired.

Details of this podcast (and other available podcasts) are here: http://www.sqldownunder.com/Resources/Podcast.aspx

Hope you enjoy it even though there are some telling signs that I recorded it at 3AM 🙂

If you are using iTunes, you can also subscribe here: http://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/sql-down-under/id503822116?mt=2

2 thoughts on “SQL Down Under Podcast – Gadi Peleg – Data Quality Services”

  1. Great to have another podcast from you 🙂  
    I noticed the update my Zune podcast list – shall give it a listen although I suspect DQS isn't something I'll be using much of in the near future  (our customers don't have Enterprise Edition – DQS is only in 2012 EE right? Maybe I'm wrong)

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