MVP Deep Dives volume 2 is now published!

It's great to see that volume 2 of MVP Deep Dives is now available and will be distributed at the PASS summit next week. I'm really sad that I won't be at the book signing next week but I'd encourage you all to get along, order a copy and have it signed.

A huge thanks has to go to Kalen Delaney for her management of this project and a big thanks to my fellow editors Louis Davidson, Brad McGehee, Paul Nielsen, Paul Randal, and Kimberly Tripp for their efforts. A special mention for Paul Nielsen whose ideas and spirit around volume 1 that have continued into this new volume.

And of course, a really big thank you to all the authors that gave their time to make this possible.

Please buy a copy and help us to help Operation Smile. You'll find the book's website here: 

While you're at it, why not send an extra donation to Operation Smile:

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