Ola Hallengren's Database Maintenance Scripts

Our buddy Ola Hallengren has released another version of his database maintenance tooling. (Free !) I've seen quite a lot of people using Ola's scripts rather than standard database maintenance plans, and with happy outcomes.


In the new version, he has optimized performance in IndexOptimize for databases with large number of indexes or SQL Servers with large number of databases. Ola said that the time for rebuilding or reorganizing indexes is the same, but the time for investigating indexes has been reduced.


He also mentioned that he fixed an issue in database backup for databases with very long names (eg SharePoint databases). In the old version you could run into the limitation for the length of a backup device.


You'll find info and updates here:




One thought on “Ola Hallengren's Database Maintenance Scripts”

  1. Absolutely fantastic! Thank you for this awesome script, it worked a charm!
    Word to the weiry – it is safe..but remember, if you put in the wrong backup location, make sure you manually delete each job and then re-run the script to point to the correct location.  The reason for this, is that the task within the job still points to the old backup location, after re-running the script.

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