Help support Itzik's plea for T-SQL Windowing functions

One of my colleagues, Itzik Ben-Gan is known to most in the SQL Community, particularly for his passion around the T-SQL language.

He's recently written an amazing blog post that describes why these functions are needed, along with a plea for helping promote the ideas to the Microsoft product group via the Connect site.

Anyone with an interest in T-SQL should read the post as, by itself, it provides great insights into the language and the possibilities that some subtle changes could bring.

You'll find it here:

Highly recommended reading!

Worldwide Online Techday – More Latin American goodness

I also got an email from one of our Brazilian colleagues today. Diego Norgare was telling me about the upcoming Worldwide Online TechDay that will be running on October 30th. Sessions are running in both Portuguese and also in English. You'll find more about it here:

I was particularly intrigued by the session on liposuction for your database.

24 Hours of PASS for Latin America!

One of the biggest pushes I was trying to make while on the PASS board was to help grow the organization into other areas of the world, and probably a little out of the organization's comfort zone. We in western English-speaking countries often totally underestimate the passion for SQL Server and the number of professionals that work with it around the world. In my time on the board, I was both amazed and privileged to see the types of events already occurring and the vast number of attendees. Often these numbers simply dwarfed the typical numbers of attendees in more familiar locations.

Latin America is a great example of this. Our friends from the regional mentor team at PASS in Latin America have organized a local edition of 24 hours of PASS. This will bring you oodles of free SQL Server goodness in both Spanish and Portuguese. It's great to see PASS continuing to spread its wings. Please help support it.

For more information and registration:

SQL Server 2008 R2 Idea: Data Profiling of any table in SSMS

I love the data profiling task that was added to SSIS in SQL Server 2008. It allows you to get a profile of the data in a table – this includes things like what are potential candidate keys, what length are the data values in each column, what percentage of rows in a table are null in each column, what is the distribution of values in the data, etc. etc.

If you haven't used it, I'd suggest taking a look at it. It's a real hidden gem in the product.

However, I think they missed the #1 place that this sort of functionality would be useful. Imagine if you could just right-click a table in Object Browser in SQL Server Management Studio and say "Profile this table…". That would be so insanely cool.

If you think so too, you know you want to vote for this at: