SQL Server 2008 R2: MDS setup HTTP Error 500.19 – Internal Server Error – Error Code 0x80070021

I've (fortunately) ended up with a new notebook recently and had to reinstall everything. One problem I ran into was with Master Data Services. The config program seemed happy but it shouldn't have been. What threw me was that it seemed to have a dependency check for IIS 7, etc. while configuring MDS. That led me to think I'd already configured IIS appropriately. I hadn't and when I tried to use the site, I got the above error. IIS needed to have the following:

Common HTTP Features
· Static Content
· Default Document
· Directory Browsing
· HTTP Errors

Application Development
· ASP.Net
· .NET Extensibility
· ISAPI Extensions
· ISAPI Filters

Health and Diagnostics
· HTTP Logging
· Request Monitor

· Windows Authentication
· Request Filtering

· Static Content Compression

Management Tools
· IIS Management Console

Plus NET Framework 3.0 Features
· WCF Activation
· HTTP Activation
· Non-HTTP Activation

Plus Windows PowerShell

Plus Windows Process Activation Service
· Process Model
· .NET Environment
· Configuration APIs

I'm sure that'll be covered in a "readme" somewhere (that sadly we often neglect to read each time we install) but I was lulled into a false sense of security by the dependency check in the installer. It would be great to see it upgraded to fully test for dependencies.

SQL Server 2008 R2: Another free eClinic – SQL Server Virtualization

Another of the free eClinics that we've been building for Microsoft was released today. This one was put together by our Australian team with Bill Chesnut as the lead author and provides an introduction to the virtualization of SQL Server and the surrounding tooling. You'll find it here: