SQL Server 2008 R2: More free training goodness at Channel 9

Together with the folk from Microsoft DPE, my colleagues and I have helped put together a series of free training materials for SQL Server 2008 R2. The presentations from these are now available in bite-sized pieces on the Microsoft Channel 9 site.

You'll find them here:



Unemployed developer? Want some free software? Talk to Arnie

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to focus some attention on Arnie Rowland's project to help unemployed developers to get some software in return for helping a non-profit. Seems like a great idea Arnie!


SQL Server 2008 R2: Another free eClinic out the door -> StreamInsight

I got the news this morning that another of the free SQL Server 2008 R2 eClinics that we've been building for Microsoft Learning has been published.

The eClinic for StreamInsight has been rev'd to RTM and is now available here:



SQL Server 2008 R2: Free RTM eClinics

Hi Folks,

We've been updating the free eClinics for SQL Server 2008 R2 for the released version of the product. Three of these clinics are now published:

Master Data Services


Application and Multi-server Management (Data-tier applications, SQL Server Utility)


Managed Self-Service BI (PowerPivot for Excel, Reporting Services in R2, Report Builder 3.0 and PowerPivot for SharePoint)