:: function calling sequence deprecated

Another item that I've seen used a lot which is now deprecated is the :: function calling sequence.

If you have code like:

SELECT * FROM ::fn_virtualfilestats(2,1);

You should now instead be coding it as:

SELECT * FROM sys.fn_virtualfilestats(2,1);

2 thoughts on “:: function calling sequence deprecated”

  1. well it sort of makes more sense .. I guess I'd already encountered this but as I can never remember how to call functions in a select I tend to go through the various options until it works!

  2. This makes sense to me if it is a truly a table-value function (like sys.dm_db_index_physical_stats), but if it is a scalar function that replaces a server "function" like @@servername, I see no sense in this. To me this muddles the concept of the original @@servername scalar system functions with the system functions like the dm views (which are sometimes table-valued functions).

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