6 thoughts on “SQL Server Books Online – August released”

  1. August BOL… Just in time for October!  🙂
    Seriously, I was surprised to not see a date mentioned anywhere on the link you posted… you don't see anything until you click on download for your language.  I think it will make it hard for some people (e.g. those who go there but didn't see your post) to know that there has been any kind of update at all.

  2. Hi Aaron,
    I just figured that saying it was the August update for 2008 was what was needed. What sort of date are you meaning?

  3. Actually when you go to the Download page, it clearly says
    Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Books Online (August 2008)
    so it makes sense to not have date/specific info on the landing page of Books Online, which has been there from CTP6/RC0/RTM and forever?

  4. but jerry, if I go to the main page and don't see any information about an update, why would I ever click download?  I would expect to download the version I already have, since the main page didn't really encourage me to proceed.

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