5 thoughts on “Geek: New Monitor Dell 24inch Ultrasharp”

  1. I have a pair that I bought early last year for use on my home computer, and I absolutely love them.
    Now if I could only convince my boss that they make me that much more productive that he has no choice but to get them for me at the office too.  🙂  (There I currently use a pair of 19" Dells.)

  2. Hi Paul,
    It's the high contrast of the Ultrasharp I like. Most 24inch monitors are about 1000:1. The Dell Ultrasharp is 3000:1. The difference is very noticeable.

  3. Yes, the constrast ratio is important. Pixels counts are even more important. My 30" HP monitor with 2560 x 1600 pixels really does improve my productivity. It is big enough to display two legal documents side by side and life size in Word.

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