Book: Screw it, Let's do it – Lessons in Life

This is another one of those books I picked up in an airport when I ran out of reading material while travelling. One of the key criteria I applied when choosing the book was whether or not I'd finish reading it by the time we landed. We had a bit of a delay boarding so I'd definitely finished it by the time we'd landed. It's in the "quick reads" series and it is just that.

I'm quite a fan of Richard Branson. There's something about his larrikin nature that I admire. Perhaps it's that I don't do these things enough myself. In the book Screw It, Let's Just Do It – Lessons in Life, Richard describes his outlook on life and business. I really was hoping for more insights into the guy. I did mildly enjoy it and found many of the stories interesting, particularly the section on his criminal past. I was unaware of it.

It's ok for passing an hour or two.

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