SQL Server Data Services in Cloud for the WideOpen Web

SQL Server Data Services was announced today at MIX. This new offering from Microsoft provides Internet-based data services using RESTful interfaces like those provided by ADO.NET Data Services.

This is going to enable some outstanding new applications.

Apply for the beta here now: http://www.microsoft.com/sql/dataservices/default.mspx

2 thoughts on “SQL Server Data Services in Cloud for the WideOpen Web”

  1. Initially, this appears to be very exciting. The other side is that the data connectivity is via SOAP and RESTful ADO connections. It's not just a SQL Server in the clouds you can connect to with SSMS and do T-SQL dev. I wish it was and that I'm wrong. A massive SQL Server in the cloud would be exactly what I need for my business model. Greg – can you help define what we can and can't do with SSDS

  2. Hi Paul,
    It's all still pretty vague but I'll be making some posts about it as soon as the details get more specific. What I'm most interested in is how the schema changes, etc. are to be made. RESTful data access from the cloud would be fine for many applications.

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